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A small family owned and operated business serving a select and diverse clientele within the Ottawa and Cornwall areas. By remaining a small business, we are able to maintain a close working relationship with our valued clients. We are able to offer all the services provided by the larger companies, coupled with the care and control normally associated with our clients own employees. Our associates are all neat, courteous, professional individuals, who have been selected to work with us, through a rigorous screening process. By remaining a small local business we are able to more readily adapt to the different requirements of our clientele. No matter the situation or requirement, we are always available to assist our clients!

We offer a full range of local services, from a super fast 30minute Direct service, to a cost effective 24 Hour Econo service. Our on time/early ratio is an industry exceptional 97.5%! Not only do we get it there faster, we do it with the same care and professionalism you would expect from your own employees. Evenings, after hours service, van and truck calls, pre scheduled pickups and deliveries, process serving, personal shopping pickups, you name it and we can do it for you! From simple envelope deliveries to tender documents or bank deposits, we are able to meet any delivery requirements. We have the resources necessary to move 1 envelope or 500 boxes across the city, or across the province! Locked your keys in your car and your spare keys are at home? Call us to go and pick them up, we’re way quicker than CAA!

No account is too big or too small. We have clients that use our services 15 times daily and clients that use us once a month, all receive the same care and consideration we have earned our reputation for. No monthly minimums or account administration fees! You only pay for services received, no deliveries or pickups, no charges!

We offer our clients the unique ability to tailor our order and invoice system to their specific needs and requirements. Our clients are able to, by virtue of our web based dispatch system, monitor and control all aspects of administration of their day-to-day deliveries as well as their account maintenance. Pod’s and delivered times are available by a simple click of your mouse! No pricing surprises, our clients are able to determine the cost of their shipment before they send it out.

We offer a very unique same day Seaway Valley service. We service Ottawa to Cornwall and environs, and Ottawa to Hawkesbury and environs, twice daily. Why pay for overnight shipping charges with the big box guys (in hopes of getting it there tomorrow,) when you can ship it with us and have it there the same day for about the same price or usually even less!

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